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Filtration Systems & Services in West Palm Beach, FL

Filtration systems services

The earth’s water supply has been in existence for millions of years. Over the last century or so, many natural organic and man-made inorganic chemicals and contaminants have ended up in our water supplies. While the municipal water districts do what they can with limited funds, it is becoming more difficult for them to keep up.

Installing a whole-house water filtration system in your home will protect you against the water-borne invaders like sand, silt, debris, heavy metals and chemicals that may be in your water.

Most Advanced Technology

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Technology keeps advancing and that’s true in the water filtration industry. That’s why Symmetry has partnered with the Honest Water Filter Company. They provide the most advanced whole-house and under sink systems.

They are also one of the few systems in the residential market that have been certified by NSF International for System Performance, going well beyond standard certifications that most other systems on the market have.

Three concerns in Municipal Water

The 3 Concerns in Municipal Water

There are three Concerns in today’s municipal water that must be addressed by a filtration system;

  1. Physical Contaminants like dirt, bacteria and particulates.
  2. Chemical Contaminants like disinfecting chlorine.
  3. Hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Each of these concerns affects you and your family’s health, the “health” of your plumbing system, and all the water-using appliances in your home.

In the past, the only choice to treat these 3 concerns was a large stand-up carbon filter combined with a softener. The systems were large, inefficient and wasted a lot of water backwashing. Now, thanks to the latest technology, ONE system can efficiently and effectively treat all 3 concerns without wasting gallons upon gallons of water every month.

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Welcome to the future of water treatment…
The Honest Water Filters.

Choose The Filter That Best Fits Your Needs

Filtration diamond silver ultra filter system

Diamond/Silver Ultra-Filter System

The “ultimate” in whole-house water filtration, the Diamond/Silver system is the best available technology to treat viruses, cysts, bacteria and heavy metals including PFAS and PFOA.

  • 0.015 sub-micron ultra-filtration removes 99.99% of any contaminant larger that 0.015 in size
  • Self-cleaning cycles ensures the safest, cleanest water coming into the home
  • Uses very little water and electricity
  • Silver Post Filters effectively treat chemicals and hardness
  • Ultra-Filter last up to 1,000,000 gallons
  • Silver Post Filters last up to 530,000 gallons combined capacity certified by NSF

Filtration platinum plus system

Platinum Plus System

Sub-Micron filtration with chloramine/chlorine reduction technology.

  • 0.2 sub-micron filter effectively removes many common contaminates that end up in municipal water including cysts bacteria such as cryptosporidium, giardia, entamoeba and toxoplasma that may cause health issues…especially among the immune-compromised individuals
  • Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Block reduces/removes 99.95% of chloramines/chlorine used to disinfect water which makes municipal water smell and taste bad
  • Contains all-natural polyphosphates as a hard water solution. Polyphosphates sequesters hard water minerals and protects plumbing and fixtures from scale and corrosion
  • Does not need backwashing to save water and money
  • Mounts on the wall to save space
  • Does not need electricity to save more money
  • Treats up to 120,000 gallons combined capacity under normal water conditions certified by NSF

Titanium under sink system

Titanium Under Sink System

Safer water right out of the kitchen faucet. If you live in an apartment or condo and cannot install a whole-house system, the next best thing is the Titanium system. Unlike standard reverse osmosis units, the Titanium Drinking Water System does not waste water to filter water saving you money.

  • 0.2 sub-micron filter effectively removes 99.95% of common cysts bacteria like cryptosporidium, toxoplasma, giardia and entamoeba from drinking and cooking water
  • Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Block reduces/removes 99.95% of chlorine used to disinfect water which makes municipal water smell and taste bad
  • Connects directly to the kitchen faucet eliminating the need for a separate glass-filling faucet saving you money
  • Treats up to 50,000 gallons certified by NSF

Take The First Step

The first step in installing a filtration system in your home is a water test. This quick analysis helps us to determine which system is the best fit for your home. Once you determine the best Honest Water Filter System for you, our expert plumbers will explain each step of the installation process to ensure your total satisfaction. Enjoy your water!

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