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Top-Rated Electrician Serving West Palm Beach

Panel upgrades

Top Rated electricians like ours proudly take responsibility for ensuring that every aspect of your West Palm Beach home or business runs productively, keeping you cool and operating without issue. Like skilled artisans, electricians are in a position to be regarded as first responders tending to electricity needs that keep homes safe and prevent electrical fires.

The Electrician we assign to tend to your West Palm Beach home is guaranteed to provide critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong focus on customer service and resolution-based outcomes. You know an electrician has superior standards if they come highly recommended by a trusted friend, colleague, or relative. Symmetry Air Conditioning & Electrical is one of the top-rated companies recommended by other West Palm Beach residents.

Electrical Repairs For The West Palm Beach Area

Electricians install and maintain electrical and power systems in our homes and businesses to control, maintain and monitor the flow of electricity. Working with electricity can be dangerous, but our team of expert electricians is skilled in installing wiring, rewiring equipment, and inspecting components for safety. Because electricity is so immersed in our everyday lives, we tend to take it for granted. However, our electricians know better than to take electricity for granted.

If not tended to quickly, electrical issues can become hazardous to your home and the family that resides within it. The quicker a problem is fixed, the better. Our expert electrical repair services are designed to reduce worry and ease your mind knowing that the safety of your family and the stability of your home is your number one priority and ours.

AC Repairs To Avoid Hot And Humid Days in West Palm Beach

Everybody experiences AC breakdowns, regardless of how much maintenance is done. However, a breakdown does not have to equal disaster. Call on us today if your AC unit is experiencing difficulties like inconsistent temperatures, leakages, strange noises, or any other oddity. We will inspect your entire cooling system to ensure a proper diagnosis is discovered and repairs can happen quickly. Whether your AC is on the fritz, won't turn on, or is not cooling your home off as it used to, our AC repair electricians will arrive ready to service all makes and model air conditioners and have your AC unit restored in no time.

Recent Projects

Hot Tub Installation in West Palm Beach, FL

Performing national electrical code, compliant, load study to make sure there was enough available power to add the hot tub. We ran a dedicated 50 amp circuit from the main electrical panel in the garage around to the back of the house and installed a 50 […]

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