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The Importance Of AC Maintenance To Avoid Summer Heat

Summer heat requires cool ac

While many states worldwide only depend on AC during the summer months, West Palm Beach and the surrounding area crave cool air in their homes year-round. In order for your AC unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of providing your family with relief, the unit, filters, coils, and fins need maintenance. Refraining from your AC unit's upkeep and maintenance needs could result in decreased performance and warm air output.

Regular maintenance from an experienced AC company allows your unit to perform efficiently, enhances indoor air quality, reduces humidity, improves the life span of your unit, and saves you money from repairs caused by dirty filters and coils. In addition, regular AC Maintenance keeps your home cooling system running properly so that temperatures within your come are consistently comfortable. AC maintenance should be performed, at a minimum, twice per year. This ensures the parts of your unit are in good shape and operating as optimally as they need to be. Call Symmetry Air Conditioning & Electrical at 561-210-0002 today for AC Maintenance to avoid issues from happening on the hottest day of the year.

Top Reasons For Malfunctioning AC Units

While some malfunctioning issues result from inadequate maintenance of your unit, there are many reasons your AC Unit could be on the fritz. In addition to water leakage issues, the top reasons for malfunctioning AC units include dirty filters, blocked drain pipes, low coolant levels, broken condensate pan, low refrigerant, fan problems, and dirty coils. A majority of issues with AC Units are due to electrical problems. Whether your unit is experiencing thermostat malfunctions or pilot problems, an electrician from Symmetry Air Conditioning & Electrical can easily access the situation, tell you what failed, why it failed, and what your options are to have the problem fixed.

Benefits of Generators

While some professionals have returned to their offices over the last several months following the pandemic, many employees are still working remotely. Those working remotely depend on electricity to keep flowing without skipping a beat so that essential work can get done. When the power goes out, a generator will bring back the electricity needs you rely on to get your job done. A whole house generator powers what you and your family need when the lights go out by providing power to your major appliances, including your heating and cooling system. With enough fuel and proper maintenance, generators can run for weeks, increasing safety, preventing damage, and safeguarding the potential of food spoiling.

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